Fun Information


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  • Get to know the "football parent" for your team. He/She can help you become more involved with the team.

  • Create a banner for the boys to run through. They love it! Be sure to put a small tear on the top if it's paper, so it rips easier. You can make a "carwash" style banner by knotting felt strips to PVC bendable pipe.

  • Have music playing during the break-through banner.

  • Create a bridge with the cheerleaders and parents for the boys to run through before and/or after the game.

  • Have a pep rally before the night game or after a football practice. 

  • Make spirit shakers using old water bottles and beads to match your team's colors.

  • Find old CD's for crowd involvement. Try the Whip/NeNe, Electric Slide or YMCA. If you don't know these, ask your kids! They learn them in school. Just don't play the music too loudly during the game.

  • Find your old hoola hoop and have a hoola hooping contest between the cheerleaders and the parents!

  • Plan a tailgate before the games for breakfast or lunch! Have each parent sign up to bring an item. This tradition started in Illinois, so let's keep this one going! Remember, no donuts for the boys before game time.

  • Plan a "special day." For example, have the theme "Silly Hair Saturday" or "Wear a Crazy Hat." Hey, why not include the parents, too?